Off late, there has been a significant shift in the population of people wanting to ditch an unhealthy lifestyle. This is backed up by the fact that more and more researchers are coming out and emphasizing on the fact that the key to a life of good health is called lifestyle medicine. To facilitate your journey towards a healthy lifestyle 96ace idn, we have put together a few easy tips, and they are :

Grow Positivity

Research results are proof that a positive attitude can help build a healthy immune system and also boost an individual’s overall health. The moto is that you are what you set your mind to be, so think positive and express gratitude

Grow Positivity

Eat your Veggies

The importance of vegetables in our meal is a very commonly emphasized fact. It is essential to have at least five servings of a variety of vegetables in a day, either steamed, raw,  or stir-fried. This means a reduced risk of developing lung, colon, breast, cervix and other cancers.

5-Meal Ideal

What, and when you eat plays a vital role in keeping your metabolism and energy levels consistently elevated throughout the day.  A “5 meal ideal” is the perfect way to keep your weight in check, maintain your focus, and get rid of cravings.

Make Exercising a Routine

Research shows that even a ten-minute exercise routine can make a whole lot of difference in a person’s life and health.  Any form of exercise is a refresher so you can take up anything if you’re not a hardcore gym person. Activities such as swing dancing, ballroom dancing, a walk in the park, jump rope, hopscotch, spinning a hula hoop, play water volleyball, bike to work, jump on a trampoline or go on a hiking trip.

Sleep Tight

If you are a troubled sleeper, try relaxation therapies such as mindful meditation and yoga, or indulge in a small bedtime snack of foods proven to help people fall asleep faster. But whatever you do, ensure you get yourself enough sleep at night to maintain a healthy body and mind.

Pick your Meal

Ensure you limit intake of trans fat and saturated fats with an aim to consume foods rich in anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids that will help reduce the risk of heart diseases. An additional, two tablespoons of ground flaxseed and intake of meat, cheese, and milk, from grass-fed animals will prove a good source for a daily dose of omega-3s.

Good Company

You may do all the right things in life, but if you have relationships with the wrong people you may develop extremely unhealthy habits. Always get your close ones on board your plan for a healthy lifestyle as this will also serve as a motivation for you.


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